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of the victims. >> reporter: tax season is here and so is the w2. if there is a headline, go check our mailboxes before someone else does. >> reporter: this quiet street lined with mailboxes had a recent visitor. >> a knock at the door that never happens. >> reporter: on the other side of the knock was a police officer. >> in his hand was my w2. he arrested a gentleman that -- for a different reason and in his bag was w2s. >> the ir "s" announce -- irs announced a sweep targeting dozens of suspects. it ended with 109 arrests and 189 indictments. he said as tax season begins, there is a heavy price to pay for pertraitors. >> when you -- perpetrators. one of her neighbor's statement got ripped off. within a day $4,000 was charged. the neighborhood feels violated. >> absolutely. because now i am going can someone open a checking account in my name, a credit card, can they file taxes under my name. >> reporter: the surgent didn't return my call about this case, residents here in the same neighborhood told me an officer was returning stolen documents to some of them last night. live, mike mibach, kt
clear tonight that money is still very tight so he's making a plea to supporters to help hike the taxes. he was greeted with a standing ovation. >> come on let's get on with this. >> reporter: and so he did. chuck reed delivered his seventh state of the city address tonight in front of a who's who of silican valley at the civic auditorium. he vowed to open more closed libraries and work to keep employees. in recent years thousands have been let go or they've left for other jobs. >> nowhere is this more apparent than our police officer. >> reporter: mayor reed says the city will hire 200 more officers. saying 15 have already been hired and more are in the works. to fund improvements, reed suggested a tax hike. 70% of people would support a quarter cent tax increase. >> possibly go to the voters for a tax increase in 2014 but success cannot be assumed. >> reporter: reed was successful in getting voters to pass measure b last year which reformed pensions. but his battle with the unions is far from over. the afl-cio says that the mayor needs to reach across the aisle much more. >> he has ta
at 2:00 p.m. pacific. one would treat-mile-an-hour like alcohol and create a federal tax. the other end would end federal marijuana prohib his and let the states -- prohibition and let the states set their own policies and the growers would have to obtain a permit and it would be illegal to take marijuana to a state where it's illegal. i just wrapped up an interview with one of the group's members. we'll hear from him when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:17. a director is reportedly eyeing the town of ridgefield, connecticut to make a film related to the sandy hook school masser is. richfield is about 20 miles -- massacre. litchfield is about 20 miles away -- richfield is about 20 miles away from sandy hook. this has upset a lot of richfield residents. town officials say they would reject filming permits for the project. but so far, the director has not contacted them. >>> five firefighters are in the hospital in baltimore. they were hurt last night battling this huge fire at a lumber company. witnesses say the firefighters were trying to evacuate the building
says it will focus on crime prevention, pension reform happened the possibility of a sales tax hike. a new survey shows voters supporting tax increases to pay for services and higher salaries for people like police officer who agreed to pay cuts in recent years due to budget shortfalls. >>> this morning president obama attended the all national prayer breakfast in washington, d.c. the event featured a performance by italian singer bocelli. [ singing ] >> first lady michelle obama and vice-president joe biden joined the president at the event. during a lighter moment the president told the crowd he wished the good feelings at the gathering had a longer shelf life. >> but i do worry sometimes that as soon as we leave the prayer breakfast everything we have been talking about the whole time at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten. on the same day of the prayer breakfast. >> president obama then went to virginia to speak to house democrats at their annual retreat. >>> after that retreat those house democrats are expected to unveil their proposal for curbing gun violence, similar t
and lower taxes. >>> the government cast doubt on whether iran cast a monkey into space and whether it came back live. today the state department said a photo looked very different from the one that lifted off. officials say there was no hoax that someone accidentally released another photo of a different monkey. [ cheers and applause ] >>> no ordinary home coming game, the agency it belongs to and the controversy it created next on the ktvu channel 2 news special report. >> and i am back here in 10 minutes, we haven't seen rain in a while, rain in the forecast, clouds thicken up, i will let you know when the rain arrives and how long it sticks around. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >>> a police helicopter use
to seniors. and these reforms must go hand in hand with eliminating excess spending in our tax code. >> the president said wealthy individuals and large corporations should not have access to tax look holes and deductions not available to average americans. >>> the white house released this video of president obama skeet shooting in camp david and it was taken in august and it was answering skeptics to those who thought he didn't know how to shoot. a tennessee woman says he respects the sport of hunting. and democrats are pushing for tougher gun control legislation in congress. >>> a first of its kind event in concord, today, was aimed at keeping student athletes healthy on the field and off. the volunteers from the medical center offered health screenings for students at delasalle high school. about 15 years ago, an athlete died of sudden heart failure during a basketball game. today 150 students got cardiac tests including ekg's all for free. >> because it is the right thing to do. everything in health care doesn't have to be by the standards established and we have resources and
is expected to begin a yearlong campaign to raise the city's sales tax. he will deliver his state of the city address and his address will focus on crime and the economy. he will most likely ask voters to pass a tax hike next year which is the latest will it show up on the ballot. it will pay for city services and also they will be able to higher more civil servant employees. >>> this is a live picture of president barack obama and ms. obama. there is about 3,000 people expected at the 61st annual prayer breakfast. vice-president joseph biden is there as well and after this breakfast, vice-president joseph biden will be joining house democrats in their annual retreat. yesterday, he was with senate democrats at their retreat. >>> john brennan head of cia faces a questioning today. he worked for the cia for 25 years and senators want to question brennan about several cia activities from water boarding to the use of armed drone strikes on suspected terrorists. >>> in the meantime they are broadcasting this video saying it is extracted from a spy drone captured in 2011. coming up what iran says t
. >>> california collected extra in tax revenue this morning. possible reasons for the surplus, more income for the state is what it means. payment money may have come in early or it is new revenue because the economy is doing better. >> doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the budget will be better off. it could be. it could be worse off. it depends on the mix of those three factors i talked about. so i think it is to keep that in mind, you have to wait till may. >> analysts caution it is too soon to call it a trend. numbers will be firm in the spring. >>> ktvu crews have been in new orleans all week covering the 49ers road to the super bowl. they have been at the superdome, including the french quarter and bourbon street. but if you move east, it is a very different story. that is the lower 9th ward, devastated by hurricane katrina in 2005 and it is still struggling to recover 7 years later. the water stayed there for months. when it receded the neighborhood was filled with mud and sewage. 30 bodies were also found and thousands of people were left homeless. we went back to the lower 9th
of a tax increase oh, we are giving $40 million to the losers, it erodes public trust. >> but it encourages other companies to bid which can reduce costs to other projects. and it can help in the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> quarterback alex smith will be decided by the team, not the player. >> i don't think any player has those wishes granted they are under contract. >> the last four plays -- >> this is during the end of the season news conference and harbaugh wanted a report that could start another team. >>> lawyers head coach shows his team is no push over. he instructed his players to intentionally foul the game. now he didn't want to rockets to break for a single game basket. they made 5, three pointers trapping the warrior. >>> time now is 4:55, another check on traffic, it looks much better than the warrior's performance. >> i digress, let's look at the commute now. the toll plaza looks good, there are no major problems, this is your window, you may want to get out there soon and the drive times go up, just before 6:00, you have a little bit of window here and let's move a
suggests the possibility of going to voters next year with a proposal for a sales tax hike. >>> police in fairfield are looking for the men they say duct taped and robbed a school janitor for ipads. it happened wednesday night at the semiyen toe continuation high school. two men ordered the janitor to the ground and duct taped him to the desk. it has been robbed three other times in the past four months. >>> now back to the top story. search for christopher dorner. investigators are pouring over the 18 page manifesto he posted on his facebook page. he addressed it to america. entitled it last resort. he doesn't fear death because he had already died on january 2nd, 2009 the date he was fired from the force. current oakland police consultant bill bradden was the los angeles police chief at that time. >> a lot of police officers got discharged and none of them resorts to the actions this man has taken. >> he complimented several celebrities for their looks and accomplishments. now you can read dorners entire manifesto at we are obviously monitoring the man hunt and bring you u
criticizes california's income and sales tax and touts the fact that texas has no personal state income tax. >>> in just about 40 minutes the day two of the at&t classic. there are many familiar faces, a former secretary of state, she started playing golf just five-years ago when she was midway through her ten europe as secretary of state. she is one of ten women in the field and one of her drives hit a person watching. >> i said i know how to do diplomacy, not sure about the golf course. >> think she will be happier playing golf than the job she had. to much pressure, got to relax playing golf. i don't think you can being the secretary of state. >> they shared the lead after round one. russell knox is at six under par, phil mickelson opened with a 69 at monterey peninsula. >> so beautiful out there. >> right there. yep. >> our weather, scattered showers this morning, look out the window. that's a beautiful sky. we like that. steve paulson is coming back. he has the weekend forecast. >> also it's a story you will only see here. fines for people who break the rules on spare the air da
and there is a higher capital gains tax in 2013 and despite the poor sales the long-term outlook positive. on wall street stocks in the mostly flat today and investors pulled back from a recent rally in the dow was up seven points announced that was down less than one point it appears to be down by three points and the s&p 500 was up almost one point. >>> the police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap an 11 -year-old girl. please released this sketch of the suspect is described as a white man in his thirties with white -- light-colored hair the girl was riding her bike on emerson street monday afternoon and a man tried to grab her arm. she screamed and managed to get away and the girl said the man yelled he was going to kidnap her. and police also have added extra patrols since the incident. >>> a man who confessed to a 2010 killing of an palo alto activist has been released from jail. gregory [indiscernible] was let go after dropping first-degree murder charges against him police said he was violated -- his renter rights are violated and they hoped to keep him in jail on a weapons charge
and he will focus on crime and the economy. a poll shows voters supporting tax hikes for city services and they want to restore salaries to police officers who took pay cuts due to budget shortfalls. >>> happening now at famous pebble beach, golf lovers have a chance to get close and rubble bows -- rub elbows with their favorite movie stars. it is about to start in less than an hour, claudine wong has more. >> reporter: this is one of three courses being played in the pebble beach pro golf tournament. this is where all of your a- list celebrities, your best known golf professionals will be playing here and tee cup starts 8:30, and this is the best place that is lit right now. this course has only been part of tournament for a few years and they added it because it is special and it is owned by privately owned businesses. thanks for joining us. we were just saying how this is special because people done often get to see this, tell me what it is like to be part of this tournament? >> well, we are very proud of it because the proceeds go to local charities and last year we helped to gener
income and sales tax and touts the fact texas has no personal state income tax. >>> time now 6:17. police in fairfield looking for the men that say duct taped and robbed a school janitor to steal ipads. 40 ipads were stolen. the men were armed. they ordered the janitor to the ground and duct taped him to the desk. it's not the first time the school has been targeted to steal ipads. it's been robbed three other times in the past four months. >>> man charged with vandalizing a muni bus during the giants world series celebration goes back to court today. 22-year-old gregory is accused of smashing the windshield of a bus. back in december he pleaded not guilty to those charges. now that vandalism back in october cost muni at least $1 million. police have made several arrests in this case but they are still searching for more people who may have been involved. >>> 18mys after qualify -- 18 minutes after 6:00. could be getting busier. >> right now we are looking at some of the east bay commutes. especially highway 4 which is busier as i mentioned. the traffic is busier in antioch. it's not all
in the administration has said that indicates they are going to have a universal registry. >> and obamacare wasn't a tax until they needed it to be a tax. >> chris: the supreme court decided that. >> you cannot trust these people. my god, dianne feinstein, said, if i could go door-to-door and pick 'em all up, i would do it. can i tell you what i think will work -- >> i'll ask you a couple of questions, the murder today, one of the things that concerns people, it seems every day we talk about a shooting. oftentimes, mass shooting. >> right. >> chris: day after day after day and the frustration is you don't think that the answer is, limiting guns has anything to do with the and i understand there is some things you think will work and we'll talk about that. the murder yesterday of former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle, a man who wrote american sniper and credited with the largest number of confirmed kills of any american soldier ever, he and another man gunned down at a texas gun range. >> if you want to stop violence in this country, here's what you do, okay? first, if you want to protect or kids, you put arme
. >> as he has done in past, the president today called for a balanced approach that would eliminate tax loopholes for the wealthiest americans and large corporations. >>> meanwhile the white house released this photo of president obama skeet shooting at camp david. the photo was taken back in august, but was released to answer skeptics who doubted mr. obama knew how to shoot. a tbs congresswoman questioned mr. obama's statements that he enjoys the sport and respects the traditions of hunting. >>> in turkey police have confirmed the identity of the suicide bomber who attacked an american embassy. police released this security video the bomber moments before he ignited the bomb. the terrorist group that claim responsible for the bombing now calls him a martyr for the anti- american cause. the attack killed a security guard and seriously injured a journalist. >>> also in turkey police have arrested at least nine in connection with the disappearance and death of a new york woman. body of 33-year-old sarai sierra was found in istanbul with stab wound. police with combing surveillance video f
of phoney tax returns are being filed by mind already behind bars. nationwide 91,000 prisoners filed fake returns last year for a total of $35 million in illegal refunds. prisoners in california alone collected $3 million in undeserved refunds. >> multiply that over the course of time, you've got a huge amount of money going illegally to prisoners. the irs spending a lot of time trying to stop it and really not being able to in any significant way. >> the irs' own investigators say the agencies database of prisoners is either incomplete or enact yurt. >> bank of america customers weren't tube access their accounts this morning. the bank says it worked quickly to fix the problem. they say the outage did not affect b of a's atms. it's not known exactly what caused the problem and b of a isn't saying whether it was related to a cyber attack by a middle east hacker group. it disrupted service in september. >>> federal regulators are taking new steps to protect the privacy of smart phone users. the federal trade commission has issued new relations for the mobile phone industry. they account a
of health care programs like medicare and closing loopholes in the tax code. >>> this is the first time in five-year that the dow closed above 14,000. it had dropped as low as 6600 in 2009, increased consumer confidence, manufacturing and auto sales are credited for the surge. >> we are moving in the right direction compared to a lot of other countries we are in a good position. >> the economy has improved. you can put the money in the bank but you earn no interest. >> economists say many prefer american investments because the european markets struggling and many consider china as over valued. however others add that just because wall street is up doesn't necessarily mean that the average american is better off, more than 12 million are still looking for jobs. >> hundreds of people in northern california are looking for new jobs as massive layoffs start at campbell soup. 290 workers were laid off at the sacramento county plant yesterday. workers have made soup there since 1946. one of the out going workers was hit hard. he is still reeling a personal tragedy and is now moving to or
registry and president barack obama's critics say it could lead to taxes on guns or to confess sayings. -- confiscation. over he weekend, the white house released -- over the weekend the white house released this picture of president barack obama doing seat shooting and he will give a speech about his proposals and why he made this stop for his proposal, i will have an update when i see you next. kyla campbell. >>> the group protect our children bay area has so far raised $30,000 for the event. the buy back will offer $200 for an assault style weapon and it will be held in east palo alto on february 3rd. >>> they are looking for a man last seen behaving strangely at a park. they called saturday after the man started acting bizarrely. he was reported to be in the park where the man stripped naked and started chanting. >> he fit the description, tall 6-foot 6 male white male and he disrobed himself and he was chanting... >> family members say he may be reportedly mentally ill. >>> he will be sentenced on domestic violence charges. he is accused of beating his wife and he pled not guilty
we will hear later today. they are hoping to create a federal tax and the other would end federal marijuana prohibition and let states decide their own policies. the measures would require growers obtain a permit and it would be illegal to take marijuana to a state where it's not legal and if these are passed california could vote on the state law the next time they head to the poles. this is the same marijuana policy that helped to amend california's law that used to send marijuana users with three strikes to prison with 25 years and a vote this passed year amended that and i am speaking with the marijuana policy project and we will have more on that next hour. live in washington kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> vice-president joseph biden is in london to meet with joe cameron and the deputy prime minister. there is some video of vice- president joseph biden arriving at 10 downing street. the tour is also including france and germany. >>> the ban on gay marriage moves to britain. the parliament is expected to pass a law for same sex marriage despite some tough oppo
to build the first phase of high speed rail in the valley. >> i think in the wake of a tax increase when people find out things like, we're giving away millions of the dollars to the losers, you know it just erodes the public trust. >> reporter: yet rail officials say stipends for losing bidders lower the cost for bay area projects like the bore and the bridge. >> we definitely have our eyes on the taxpayer dollars here and believe this is in the taxpayers interest to get competition at lower cost. >> reporter: some critics say the need for extra incentives is actually an indication of how difficult the project has become. >> after actually watching this process unfold $2 million seems like a small price to compensate the bidders who are sort of going along with the high speed rail on this one. it is such a mess. >> reporter: the high speed rail authorities chairman tells me companies can spend as much as $10 million just putting their bids together. officials still hope to break ground in july. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> wet weather returns to the forecast when you can exp
next year to pass an increase on the sales tax. >> san jose is doing well, silicon valley is leading the country out of the recession. we are optimistic, seeing good job growth. we have a lot of work to do. we have billions of dollars that we still have to pay for and we need to put in the pension reforms. >> a new survey shows voters supporting tax hikes to pay for city services and higher salaries for city workers like police officers who agree to pay cuts in recent years due to budget short falls. >>> happening now some of the world's most famous golfers and entertainers are on the practice range of pebble beach. they will tee off in less than 30 minutes. we are in monterey county where sports fans are rubbing elbows with world class athletes and movie stars. have you seen any stars yet? >> reporter: we have some out here. not the actors that a lot of people come to see. this tournament attracts a lot of people who just come out for the fun of it, for the great golf, and just really to see the stars that they love. let me show you who we have right here now on the practice green
the fact that texas has no personal state income tax. >>> authorities are scaling back a search for a missing man in santa rosa. but family members are not giving up hope. searchers have spent six days looking for 35-year-old jason kyle of sacramento. investigators say a hiker spotted him naked and chanting on saturday but he has not been seen since. family members say he is disupon tent over personal issue. they plan to carry on the search and asking for volunteers to help them. >>> golfers will tee off for day two. there are plenty of famous faces on the links including former secretary of state condoleezza rice. not bad. it looks like she was in the sand maybe. she is getting her first taste of big time golf on pebble beach. he started playing golf five years ago when she was mid way through her tenure of secretary of state. >> you ask me how did it compare to diplomacy. well, i know how to do diplomacy. >> i think she will be here more playing golf than what she did. >> two golfers share the lead after round one. >> i think i can handle condoleezza rice on the golf course. >
revenue from the sale of postal -- postage. we take no tax dollars. but we don't have the ability to reduce costs in a way that a private business would. we're at the end our borrowing authority. to give some perspective of our liquidity, a typical business would have cash on their hands, two months of cash to dover operating cost -- cover operating costs. in october, we had less than four days of cash on hand. that's a very scary situation and no situation a business should be in. that's why we've taken these aggressive steps. while we've been so vocal about seeking about -- >> once again, you've been listening live to a press conference underway by the u.s. postal service. they are announcing they will no longer deliver first-class letters on saturday, starting august 1st. but they will continue to deliver packages and mendcations. this plan -- pledcations. this plan is -- medications. the postal service lost $16 billion last year. they still have a lot of work to do to save more money. our washington, d.c. newsroom is monitoring this postal service press conference. coming up a
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24